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Mike Benkovich is a former Microsoft evangelist who has spent his career helping developers explore and apply new technologies to solving information challenges. His website provides developers with resources to get started and work with technologies including cloud, data and devices. Follow him on twitter @mbenko.

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KCDC 2016–Session info

Posted 6/23/2016 by Admin

It's great to be back in Kansas City for another Dev Camp. I wanted to share some info from my talks, including the deck (below). Enjoy!

Avoiding Hacker Trix

Posted 8/19/2014 by Mike Benkovich

ExtremeHackerThis week we're doing a session called "Avoiding Hacker Trix" which goes thru some of the top web exploits that you should be aware of. In this webcast we will cover a variety of things including what we call the secure development process, cross site scripting attack, one click attack, SQL Injection and more. There are a bunch of links we cover, but rather than having you copy these down I'm providing them here...

Links from the slide deck:

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